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Travel on Your Mind?

Thinking of taking a trip?  Be aware that your provincial health insurance may not cover all of your spills and ills for travel out of Ontario. We all know to get out-of-country travel insurance when we go for our winter getaways   but  many do not realize the same holds true for within country or out-of-province trips.

For this, and many of my own personal trips abroad, I shop around for the best coverage at a good price. Time and again AIG Travel Guard has been the best deal! I can deal with many different companies, but so far AIG’s product has impressed me the most. Great ranges of coverage and super additions like concierge services. Check out my link and shop for yourself the next time the travel bug bites !!!

For new immigrants: Provincial coverage may not cover them from day one of their new Canadian life, likewise visiting relatives need coverage in case of accident or death.  Both AIG and Manulife offer great temporary health insurance coverage  so that a major health incident need not cost  the newly arrived the family savings or even home.