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Is the Answer Real Estate ?

Wow! What a week in the markets, for those of you who like roller coasters !

As much as I counsel a long-term outlook to investing, the last weeks market volatility can be too much for some.  Investors with a shorter term objectives or those looking to generate income do not fair well under what is sometimes called a corrective market.

The fall out from the American credit crisis will be felt for many months; yet according to many experts so expect the unexpected.  At this point in time, many look to safer havens like gold or real estate. While neither of these is immune to cyclical ups and downs, some people take comfort in holding real assets like bricks and mortar.  As with any investing it’s best to gain as much knowledge as possible before jumping in—seek the advice of a professional.

Darcelle Runciman of Hemlock Investments can provide just that expertise. With many years of real-estate investing and property managment behind her, Darcelle can explain some of the mystery and risk of real-estate investing to you and provide solutions for income-generation or longer term investing.

Learning to leverage your dollars and to get more of a bang for your buck is an integral part of my LEAP planning process and real-estate investing can be an important corner stone in building your financial castle.

Listen to Darcelle via this link and see if real-estate investing is for you !

Investment Info

Looking for investment information ?

Look no further than Mackenzie Financial’s online newsletter Insight. Great information on the market and why it works the way it does, the inside scoop from fund managers and future forecasts. The Mackenzie site also has a great little personal calculator called a Burn Rate !  What’s your burn rate ?

Check out  Mackenzie