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It’s Here—The Tax-free Savings Account!

Finally some good news! Mackenzie  has just announced it is one of the first to offer the application for a TFSA.  Contributions can be made starting Jan 2 2009.

What a great way to save for any thing—higher education, house down-payment, retirement, emergency savings, vacation—whatever—know that your investment growth is not taxed, and all withdrawals are tax-free as well .

Please call or email for more information if you want to start saving now!!!

Where There’s a Will … The Way is Easier!

Hi All

We are harvesting corn silage here on the farm, and the hours of tractor driving give me lots of time for thinking and reflection. That coupled with an article in the local paper got me thinking about wills.

Get a professional will and power of attorney done and breathe easier  in more ways than one. Three local ( Quinte region)  lawyers will complete a simple will  $100 and power of attorney $50  the fee paid will go to the Lung Association what a deal !!!!   call  613 969 0323

If this is one of those things you keep putting off—now is the perfect time—no excuses.

If you don’t have a will your estate  (read  everything you own or owe !)  will be distributed according to provincial laws. The costs of court administration, inefficient tax management, and a longer time period for estate settlement can create unnecessary angst and grief for family and beneficiaries.  A proper will establishes in writing your exact wishes  for  surviving children, spouse, pets and assets. Note pets are considered assets and are removed from a deceased owners home immediately unless otherwise instructed. Keeping your will current is also important any change in marital status, new employment, starting your own business or buying a house or vacation property are all triggers for a will update.

Questions still?  Please do not hesitate to send them in!!