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New Products New World

Hi All

The markets continue to astound with volatility not seen in ages. I myself am wondering when I reach retirement will I see markets like this?  I hope not. In response to such markets and the growing boomer demographic that will need to generate income, many companies have developed new financial products to provide guaranteed income to investors. Sounds almost too good to be true—right!

Manulife’s Income Plus, CI Investment Sunwise Elite, and Empire Life’s Class Plus are a new breed of segregated funds with a few perks.  The ability to participate in market upswings (resets) and yet still protect the initial investment (wealth bonus accounts) allow the creation of a pension-like account.

Guarantees vary from a limited time period to life, and each company has developed its own variation of the product. The fees involved vary from company to company, as do the riders they may or may not offer.

For more information or an illustration of what these can do for your retirement portfolio, see the web sites or contact me.