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Vacation time

Hi All


Please note I will be on vacation for the first two weeks of August. I will be attending the Hastings Plowing Match the day after I arrive home  Aug 18 & 19.  See you all there and enjoy what’s left of the summer !!

Summer Heat …

Hi All

We are having a summer heat wave !!!  Stay hydrated and stay cool .

Just a quick update on my CFP progress. We are finishing the third course  Comprehensive Practices in Risk and Retirement Planning. One quiz and the exam to go. Then course four. We are on target to write the first FPSC final 6-hour exam in Nov.  So far I have done well with the course material  and really enjoyed the class I attend once a week. It’s been a great help and support .

When it’s too hot to be outside, stay in!  Its a great chance to sit and do a mid-year review of your investments, handy to have those June statements,  and go over all your other financial papers.  Is your will current?  Where is that life-insurance policy, and how old is it anyhow ???? Has anything changed in the way of beneficiary designations ???  Moved ???   Married/divorced? Added to the family? Changed employment or employment status?  Tally up a pre-tax estimate.

So many things to do in the cool of the basement …

Stay cool people