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Almost there !

Roughly two weeks of study time left before the first big exam. The Financial Planning Standards Council has set the bar high. If (when) I pass this one, I have to take another cap stone course and challenge another exam in June 2011.

The web site has some good information for clients as well as planners and is worth a look. Besides a great explanation of the hows and whys of a CFP designation the site provides great tips on selecting an advisor  and how those who use advisors come out way ahead of those who do not.

Fall is that time to put the flower beds to rest and clean up the yard. On those days when it’s not so nice it’s also a super opportunity to clean up that desk, organize the files and catch up your books. It’s never too early to prepare for that April tax time.  A tax heads up can help you decide how much and if , contributions to RRSPs or TFSA s  are the way to go this year.

So check out