Heather Lang

15 Years of Quality
Service in Financial Consulting

Heather began her career as a financial services representative after many years in the agricultural industry . As a knowledgeable adviser she maintains an independent business  providing clients with a personalized plan for financial security. A former dairy farmer in Hastings county she now operates a beef cow/calf and feedlot, cash crop operation with her husband and parents in-law. An active mother of three girls she participates in many community events and groups.

Our Services

Cedarlane Financial Consulting is an independent financial services company operating in the Quinte Region of Ontario. Serving all types of clients from families just starting out to retirees planning for income and estate matters, Heather focuses on self employed small business people like herself to provide personalized, cost effective and  innovative strategies so that they can get on with what they do best, their lives and businesses.


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When Should You Engage a Financial Planner?

ORIGINALLY WRITTEN BY DAVE FAULKNER – WITH THANKS! Canadians love to label certain money related deadlines as seasons. Each new year kicks off with RRSP season, followed by tax season in March and April. The problem with ‘seasons’ is that unless you plan for them well in advance, when the seasonal storms hit it will

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What happens to my RRSP or RRIF when I die ?

When an RRSP (or RRIF) annuitant dies, the Income Tax Act (ITA) normally requires the deceased to include full plan value in income for the year of death.For some this can mean a significant tax burden . Exceptions apply if a spouse, common-law partner or financially dependent disabled child or grandchild—a qualified beneficiary—inherits the assets.